Cassie Goes Off on Blogger Via Instagram Over Negative Comments


Cassie was none too happy after reading a story on SandraRose that made negative comments about her being ill….The singer was feeling sick to her stomach and decided to share a home remedy with her Instagram followers that included a tea made with Manuka honey, Gypsy Cold Care tea, and ginger tea.

The article compared the “Me & U” singer to Peaches Geldof, who unexpectedly passed away at the tender age of 25 earlier this month.

“Nurses and doctors study long hours burning the midnight oil for years just so we can earn a professional degree that tells a state we are qualified to be licensed. Then along comes clueless folk like pseudo singer Cassie Ventura who has been sick for 3 days with Ebola-like symptoms. Instead of going to see a doctor, she calls Boomqusiha from around the way who advises her to swallow a concoction of herbs, plants, citrus fruit and marijuana seeds to cure what ails her. Then we wonder why young people like Peaches Geldof suddenly drop dead? #RIP.”

Fed up with what she was reading, Cassie took to Instagram to speak her mind on the article. She pointed out that Peaches just passed away recently, and it was too soon to be throwing her name around. Cassie called the blogger a “DISGUSTING HEARTLESS HUMAN BEING,” and added that she would pray for her.



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